CloudFlare 設定 DDNS 教學

Posted by wancat on 2020 02/04

最近剛入手一個 Raspberry Pi,用來作為一個省電的伺服器,本來困擾自己家裡的固定 IP 已經給了其他台伺服器,但找到方法用 CloudFlare 實現 DDNS。

CloudFlare DDNS

CloudFlare 本身沒有官方的 DDNS 支援,但可以用 CloudFlare API 實做,我找了一個別人做好的 CloudFlare-ddns,折騰一會兒就設定好了。

首先安裝 cloudflare-ddns 和其依賴,然後以我要設定 為例,建立 site_pi.yaml 設定檔,填入以下內容:

%YAML 1.2
# CloudFlare DDNS updater script config.

# CloudFlare API key
# You can find this under Account > My account after logging into CloudFlare.
cf_key: 'your key'

# Email address for your CloudFlare account.
cf_email: 'your email'

# Domain you're using CloudFlare to manage.
# If the host name you're updating is "", make this "".
cf_domain: ''

# The subdomain you're using for your DDNS A record.
# If the host name you're updating is "", make this "ddns".
# However, if you're updating the A record for the naked domain (that is, just
# "" without a subdomain), then set cf_subdomain to an empty value.
cf_subdomain: 'pi'

# CloudFlare service mode. This enables/disables CF's traffic acceleration.
# Enabled (orange cloud) is 1. Disabled (grey cloud) is 0.
cf_service_mode: 0

# If set to true, prints a message only when the record changes or when
# there's an error.  If set to 'false', prints a message every time even if
# the record didn't change.
quiet: false

# If set to true then we call the ec2metadata service for the instance
# public ip address rather than an external service.
aws_use_ec2metadata: false

# If set to true dig will be used to fetch the public IP which is better
# but not available on all systems.
use_dig: false

這邊的 cf_key 要到 CloudFlare 網站裡找,介紹是寫要用 Global API Key,我沒試過專門功能的 Key 行不行。執行 測試

python site_pi.yaml

如果沒問題就把它加到 crontab,執行 crontab -e

*/15 * * * * /home/pi/bin/cloudflare_ddns/ /home/pi/bin/cloudflare_ddns/site_pi.yaml >> /home/pi/bin/cloudflare_ddns/cloudflare_ddns.log



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